Back in 2011, on a whim while studying photography during undergrad I decided to sit in on a ceramics class. And that was the beginning. I became addicted to the craft. That is until I became a full-time art teacher. They say the first few years are tough. They warn you that the job is demanding. But it’s impossible to truly prepare yourself. And once I was in it, the first thing to suffer was my own art making practice.

The pottery studio was always a quiet comfort in my back pocket.
If I wanted to start throwing again - if I needed to start throwing again - I could.

And yet months went by and I simply didn’t throw. I have to admit, my hands were more moisturized than ever, but it was clear that something was missing. I am lucky to have some really wonderful creative lady friends in my life. And one day we quietly & fiercely started pushing each other to return to our craft and devote time to what truly makes our heart sing.

So, here I am. Showing up to my craft. Committing myself to making.
Not really having the time for it, but finding the time for it.
And I’m happy to report that my hands are dry and screaming for lotion, but I’m loving every moment.



My background

I received my BFA in Photography with a sub concentration in Sculpture from the University of Connecticut. I am also a graduate of Tufts University with my MAT in Art Education. 

In the Fall of 2015, I began passionately following this tableware dream. I am an active member of The Clay School, a working pottery collaborative in Lynn, MA. 
I also have the privilege of teaching art at the high school level. 

when creating. be kind to your doubt. hear it out.
thank it for its concern. and reassure it that you are an artist. and risk is essential.
— Nayyirah Waheed